RF Proximity Detector
Type RPD-2 AND Type RPD-2A

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The Type RPD-2 Radio Frequency (RF) Proximity Detector is designed to detect and locate devices that radiate radio waves in the high frequency to low microwave frequency range. Such devices often include surveillance and “spy” equipment. The Type RPD-2, when used with the different sensors, will detect the emanation of the radio wave within a confined area, and then isolate its location to within approximately a square foot. The type RPD-2A may be used as an RF field strength indicator for antenna field strength measurements. The RPD-2A is identical in function except that the meter scale is calibrated in relative dB units.

Both models incorporate a broadband RF sensing circuit followed by a high gain amplifier and meter driver circuit. Power is provided by a single 9-volt battery. Three different sensors are available for the unit. The Type RFR sense antenna is a helically wound, rubber duck type antenna which is used to sense RF in the 90 MHz to 1 GHz range, and would be used in a typical area “de-lousing” operation. The Type RFL broadband electro-static loop sensor used to localize the RF radiation to an exact location. The Type RFH sense antenna is a collapsible whip that may be used for sensing RF in the high frequency radio spectrum and antenna testing measurements.




Frequency Range:



RPD-2 & 2A Broadband Radio Frequency Sensor

Approximately 1 MHz to 1 GHz, depending on SenseAntenna used

Single 9-volt Alkaline Battery Electronic Enclosure

4 Inches by 2 inches by 1 ½ inches


Input Power Level for full scale meter deflection at max. sense:

-37 dBm @ 1 MHz
-30 dBm @ 3 MHz
-32 dBm @ 10 MHz
-34 dBm @ 100 MHz
-17 dBm @ 500 MHz
-15 dBm @ 800 MHz



Type RFR General: Helically Wound, “rubber-duck” type antenna
Useful Frequency Range: 90 MHz to over 1 GHz
Used for general RF Emitter sensing
Type RFL General: Faraday Shielded Broadband Loop
Useful Frequency Range: 30 MHz to about 1 GHz
Used for pin-point “in-close” location of signal

Type RFH General:

Collapsible whip antenna, approx. 30 inches long
Useful Frequency Range: 1 MHz to about 500 MHz
Used for general RF Emitter sensing



Type RPD-2 and RPD-2A:
Type RFR Sense Head:
Type RFL Sense Head:
Type RFH Sense Head:

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